To help give you a better idea of my keynotes and workshops see the descriptions below. Of course the content can be mixed and matched or new content created for your specific situation. Email me or phone me (027 282 4203) to have a chat. I can normally get back to you within a few minutes.


These are punchy presentations that are perfect to provide an inspirational start or end to a company retreat or industry conference. The optimal mix of entertainment and information. Full of insights and messages that your team will be repeating back to you for months!

Fearlessly Facing Challenges 

Few things stay the same in business. Competitors get faster and smarter. Consumers want more for less. To take your organisation to the next level of performance will often require setting and achieving audacious commercial goals – from achieving dramatically raised sales targets to rapidly developing new products ... [more]

Energising and Uniting Teams

There is plenty of evidence to show that teams produce better results than individuals -  but only when a team is functioning well! Everyone has experienced the frustration, aggravation and productivity loss of being in a team that is dysfunctional. If the team dynamic is starting to turn sour it is best to address it early before problems become entrenched ... [more]

Taking Performance to the Next level

Every organisation faces times when performance plateaus, when the work force is firmly within their comfort zone. At these times what is needed is a bit of a circuit breaker, something to knock the problems and challenges back into perspective, something to get people excited about how much more there is to achieve. This presentation provides the steps for how to break through the plateaus and get the mindset to achieve even more ... [more]


Nothing worthwhile is easy, particularly in highly competitive markets. Setbacks happen frequently, whether they come through external shocks or through shortcomings of the individual. Perseverance is essential. In many areas of life the single most important factor for success is mental toughness or ‘resilience’ – the ability to bounce back after shocks and setbacks ... [more]


When you're looking to make a lasting impact on your team, and empower them with powerful tools and concepts that will significantly boost their performance.

Break through - Workshop

When it comes to change people have inertia. The tendency for people to stay inside their comfort zone is strong and external rewards and punishments only go so far.

This intensive half day workshop identifies and confronts the internal road blocks to achieving audacious goals. It provides your team with a set of tools and insights to help them become emotionally connected to their challenge and make a step change in performance ...[more]

Mental Toughness - Resilience Workshop

This is the workshop version of my Mental Toughness presentation. 

If you want to innoculate your team against setbacks and provide them with a tool to maintain their momentum and persevere through adversity then this is the workshop for you.

The key concepts and techniques in this workshop can be challenging. While they can be introduced in a keynote, a half day workshop allows a chance for them to be digested, practised and embedded. ...[more]

After dinner speeches

After Dinner speech Your Reality TV Show

Your Reality TV Show

Most TV these days is Reality TV, and the latest trend is to take an occupation and turn it into a show. If you're a lifesaver you've got Piha Rescue. If you're a vet you've got 'Vet Tales'. If you're a housewife you've got 'Real Housewives'. If you're single you've got 'The Bachelor' and if you think you've got talent you've got 'NZ's Got Talent'. They're coming for you next! In this action-packed presentation I prepare the audience for their career in front of the camera by taking them behind the scenes of the filming of 'First Crossings' and 'Intrepid NZ'. You'll learn how to come up with a format for your show and how much 'Man vs Wild' has in common with 'Dating Naked'. I'll explain how you sometimes need to give reality a helping hand...[more]

Download Speeches and Workshop Info Pack

Download this info pack to get a summary of all of my presentations and workshops and other key information

Download this info pack to get a summary of all of my presentations and workshops and other key information