Your Reality TV Show!

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Most TV these days is Reality TV, and the latest trend is to take an occupation and turn it into a show. If you're a lifesaver you've got 'Piha Rescue'. If you're a vet you've got 'Vet Tales'. If you're a housewife you've got 'Real Housewives'. If you're single you've got 'The Bachelor', and if you think you've got talent you've got 'NZ's Got Talent'. Do you see the trend? They're coming for you next!

In this action-packed presentation I prepare you, the audience, for your career in front of the camera by taking you behind the scenes of the filming of 'First Crossings' and 'Intrepid NZ' and sharing what I've learned.


Did you think that TV used to be better back in the old days? Let's take a look at this clip from 1977. Just to be clear about how weird it is. This is two white guys (or maybe black guys?) dressed as black guys who are dressed as Mariachi's singing to a fake horse's head.

They don't make stuff like that any more! Instead they make Reality TV . But the idea of Reality TV - that the audience could be the subject of the show - has been around for a long time, in shows like 'Candid Camera.'

The host of the show, Alan Funt, was a household name and instantly recognisable. In 1969, when the plane he was on was hijacked and flown to Cuba, the passengers on board were very anxious. Until someone recognised Alan Funt in the front row. Then they all started laughing. They were still laughing as they got off the plane in Havana!


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You'll learn how to come up with a format for your show and how much 'Man vs Wild' has in common to 'Dating Naked'. We'll fire up the Format-A-Tron and find a format and even a name for your new show.


You'll find out about the three stakeholders that need to be satisfied before you can get your TV show off the ground, and how the inspiration for 'First Crossings' was in fact 'The Secret Life of Dancers'.


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Real life doesn't come along with cliff hangers every 22 minutes - but film crews expect to be paid anyway. So I'll explain how you sometimes need to give reality a helping hand - are you ready to play 'Real or Fake'?

I'll talk about the hardest times in the shooting. When things got so difficult and dangerous we had to put the cameras away - Jamie's brush with death on the Buller river and going blind climbing Mt Aspiring. And the strange curse that seemed to follow our show from location to location.



You might think that now you're on TV you'll be hanging out with Taylor Swift's posse and shooting hoops with Bieber. More likely is that you'll be in drag, under a gunge bucket putting on a lipstick for Sunday morning kids TV (I wish I was joking).

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Being a celebrity may not make you famous, but it does give you super powers. I'll show you how you can find out what the world actually thinks about you!